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Free List of 102 Educational Shows on Amazon Prime Video!

One of my favorite times of the year is happening right now…Back to School! I love the smell of new paper and crayons. The fun of picking out backpacks and new outfits. The grumbling from my two cubs… Yes, we do homeschool, but we also participate in the Back to School sales. Who would pass up folders for $.10 and Crayola crayons for $1.00?? This time is also when I put the final touches on our homeschool schedule for the upcoming semester.

One of the things that I always include in my lesson plans are educational videos. I have two very visual learners and they enjoy the break from book work that the videos give them. I will scour different video sites to find cool, interesting movies/shows that will supplement what we are learning and plug them in where necessary.

So, it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise when I tell you that we use Amazon Prime Video daily in our homeschool classes. There are so many amazing videos in each subject area. Animals, science, history, art, even reading!

If you have an Amazon Prime membership most videos are free. Just look for a blue and white banner in the upper left corner of the video tab that says “Prime.” You will find that some series will only have 1, 2, or 3 seasons available on Prime and the rest you have to pay for – if you love the show that much then go for it; if not just move on. There are plenty of free videos to supplement almost anything you are learning.

So, to help all of you lovely mommas I went ahead and scoured Amazon Prime Video for you and put together a list of 102 Educational Shows on Amazon Prime Video. You can download the free PDF or scroll down to see the rest of this post that has links to each video. This list is just barely skimming the surface of all the amazing shows on Amazon Prime Video! When you click on a video link be sure to check out the suggested videos at the bottom of the page.





Word Girl

Letter Sounds, Alphabet & Phonics! The ABCs for Kids

Sight Words Level 1

Pinkfong! Phonics Songs

Learning with Vehicles (PreK – 2nd)

Martha Speaks

Learning ABC Alphabet with Fruit

Reading Egg’s The Eggsperts

Reading Rainbow



Meet the Math Facts – Addition and Subtraction Level 1

Odd Squad

Construction Vehicles Counting 123

Ice Cream Colors and Counting 123

Kids Can Learn Math – Count Your Money



Animals for Kids


PBS’s Nature

Wild Kratts

Zoo Babies

Life in a Tide Pool

Wild Kratts: Alaska – Hero’s Journey

Leo the Wildlife Ranger

Nature Cat

Wild Life – All Life on Earth is Connected

Nature – The Mystery of Eels

Xploration Animal Science

Crazy Creatures

Dogs with Jobs

Realm of Ancient Redwoods

Fabulous Frogs

Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures

Animals at Work

Little Monsters – Hide and Cheat

Garden Wild

Also check out Wild About Animals, Sea Rescue, The Secret Life of Snakes




Xploration Outer Space

Science for Kids K-8

Wow, I Never Knew That!

Popular Mechanics for Kids

The Cat and the Hat Knows A Lot About Space!

What’s Up In Space: The Solar System for Kids

Amazing Science Experiments

Water Experiments


Dino Dan


Design Squad

Sid the Science Kid



Kid’s Animated History with Pipo: A Time Compass

American History for Kids

Kids Animated History with Pipo

Sweet Land of Liberty – America in the 19th Century

Chasing American Legends

Our American Presidents – Their Lives and Legacies (There are videos on several different Presidents in this series)

Once Upon a Time…The Explorers

John, Paul, George & Ben

Sweet Land of Liberty – America in the 18th Century

Constitution Alive!

The American Heritage Collection

Our Founding Fathers

Symbols of America

American the Story of Us

Crusade in Europe

Also check out The Crusades, Magna Carta Unlocked, Babylon Unveiled, Daily Life in the Medieval World, and Ancient Cities Lasting Truths





Continents of the World Series for Kids

Learning the 50 States and Capitals

Wide World of Kids

My Neighborhood, My Community

Super Wings

North America Geographic Regions and Landforms

Discover the World

Great American Landmarks



Creative Galaxies

Art for Kids: Drawing and Water Color Painting Birds in Birdcages

Art for Kids: Drawing and Watercolor Painting a Lizard

How to Draw an Eagle Cartoon

How to Draw a Mexican Folk Art Bird Design with Oil Pastels

How to Paint a Rainbow Swirly Tree with Acryllic Paints: Art for Kids and Beginners

Art Time! Learn Drawing and Coloring with Video Tutorial

History of Art

Artists in America Insightful Documentary on Creative Minds



Sesame Street: 3,2,1 Let’s Go

The Cat and the Hat Knows A Lot About Camping

Sesame Street

Tumble Leaf

Dinosaur Train

Moving Machines for Kids

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Peep and the Big Wide World

Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About Halloween

Geronimo Stilton

Learning the Spanish Alphabet

Learning about Common Animals in Spanish

Bubble Guppies


Car Patrol of Car City

Baby Einstein Classics

Bob the Train: Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

The Hive (Preschool)

Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures

Rob the Robot (Pre-K – K)

Animals that Made History

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