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Where is Your Compass Pointing?

I have no idea how to use a compass. There has never really been a need for me to learn…until I met my husband – a survival enthusiast who believes an apocalypse of some kind is right around the corner.  From day one he has wanted to stockpile anything that would last for 50 years, wanted to take the boys and I out to the woods to run drills of different kinds, and has taught me everything I need to know about first aid. He has tried to teach me about finding (and keeping) my bearings while out in the wilderness. He tells me that this is key to survival. I haven’t quite gotten this one down, but one of the things that I learned from him – that I actually retained – is that a compass has a magnetized pointer that shows the direction of magnetic north and bearings from it. A compass will always point you north – unless it’s broken, in which case refer back to the “Keeping Your Bearings” lesson and try to remember why it was so important! Anyway, a compass and its magnetic pointer reminded me of myself and the Holy Spirit. That internal tug to always follow the straight and narrow path. The pull that continues to draw you north to the Heavenly Father.

So I have to ask…



I have felt the burden of being spiritually lost. It is not a place that I wish on anyone. For many years I walked without God. Let me correct that statement – for many years I stumbled and fell without God. I felt what the Israelites in the desert must have felt. Alone. Empty. Afraid. There was silence, no trust, and a hardened heart on my side of the relationship. My compass was pointing south.

For many years I felt this way. Just trying to make it through life the best way I knew how. Wondering when God would decide to help me again. Wondering if it was even worth it to follow Him. It wasn’t until my first son was born that I started to realize that the problem wasn’t God’s heart…It was mine. My son and I almost died during delivery his delivery – it was sobering enough to remind me that the alternative to Heaven in the afterlife is not worth this life that I was living. I didn’t want to be seperate from God. I wanted Him to lead my path.

Slowly, I began the painful process of confessing my sins to Jesus and asking for forgiveness. My wandering ceased. My spiritual compass began the process of pointing north again. I had a clear path to follow. Each time I stumbled I checked for my True North and would recalculate my journey. I knew with every fiber of my being that Jesus was guiding my steps. He was bringing me back home.

Have you ever felt this lost in your spiritual walk? ‘Cause I am here to tell you that you are not alone. I know that you and I are not the only ones who have felt our walks with God fizzle to nothing more than a passing glance. When the feelings of fear, loneliness, and emptiness turn to anger. When your heart hardens to anything that God is saying or doing in your life.

What I want to encourage you to do, if you are feeling this way, is to pray. Even though it may seem hard. Even though it may seem like there is no one there to listen. Pray. Pray hard. Pray without ceasing. Your Heavenly Father wants you to come back to Him. He’s been waiting for you to turn around and see that His arms have been opened wide inviting you in the whole time you were wandering. He wants to guide your path, but you have to trust Him first.

Jesus tells us in John 14:6 –I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. As encouraging as this verse can be it is also a subtle warning. Jesus is telling us that if our path does not align with His, if we decide that we have our life under control and do not need Him, we will not make it. We will not receive the treasure of one day stepping into God’s Kingdom and living there forever and ever.

Make sure that your compass is always pointing to – or working on pointing to – the Truth North. That place that we will all call home one day. I am here for you, friend. I will pray for you if that’s what you want. Just send me an email and I will be a prayer warrior in your corner. No one has to go through this alone.

For encouragement, here is a free printable or verses for you to use how you see fit. Let God’s Word encourage you throughout your day!

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