Journey + Homeschool = …

What does this equation mean to you? Does it illicit a fear so deep in your stomach that you feel like you should just give up because you have no idea what you are doing anyway? Or maybe it bubbles up joy and hope from the depths of your soul filling your heart with the promise of a better school life for your children. Or, after reading and pondering the equation, it could leave you feeling even more confused than before.

Friend, I have been there on all aspects and I am so excited that you have stumbled across The Little Red Bus, because I am here to help you no matter where you are in your journey through homeschooling. At the core of every homeschooling journey is a family trying to pave their way through the hills and valleys, and 9 times out of 10 there is a mom who is trying to keep everyone on track, healthy, happy, and alive. The Little Red Bus can help with all of that, and here’s how:

  • Life can get clogged with construction sites, U-turns, and dead ends that can lead your family off the course that you set. I can help you stay on track.
  • Our True North in life should always be pointing toward God and Heaven, but sometimes our internal compasses can go spastic in the craziness of life. When that happens, I will be here to help you redirect your path back to God with encouragement, tips, and advice.
  • Are you searching for homeschool tips, advice, fun things to add to your day and more? Then this is the place for you.
  • Do you need new ideas on healthy snacks, lunches and dinners that are kid friendly? Or do you need encouragement while you get back into shape? Journey with me through this phase in my life also!

Hi, there! I’m Courtney Campbell – faithful believer in the Good News, wife, mom, avid bibliophile, cross stitch connoisseur, second generation homeschooler, and lover of all animals. My husband, Jake, and I are excited to be starting a new journey in life. You see, my family has a goal that we have been earnestly working towards the last 6 months – we want to travel homeschool…for at least a year! Step one in that process was to get my husband a job working from home. That happened recently – and I have to tell you that we could not be more excited! To read more about our journey (and what are the next steps on the list) go here. Right now, my family resides in a small town in Northern Indiana named South Whitley. If you can’t find us on the map just locate Fort Wayne and then head West…you should run into us in about 40 minutes.

We have homeschooled our two boys, KB (7) and E (6) for the last 3 years. It has been an amazing journey full of ups and downs already…but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It warms my heart to be home with my two boys every day learning beside them. To round out my ragtag team of misfit traveling companions are Jack and Fergus – two of the best Jack Rat Terriers you will ever meet. Each day at my house is different and insane…exactly how I would want it to be.

I have many passions in life, but the one that always comes to the forefront is teaching. Did you ever take one of those aptitude tests in school that in the end would tell you what career you should have? Well, mine always came out with the same conclusion: teacher. I love teaching and passing on knowledge to anyone who wants to receive it. Like I said before, I am here to help you no matter what journey you may be on in homeschooling, weight loss, faithfulness or just life in general. I am here to be your friend and cheerleader through it all.

Thank you so much for stopping by The Little Red Bus, I love hearing from you! You can contact me at thelittleredbus8@gmail.com. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can contact me anytime on any of these platforms and I will personally reply! But, if you really want the VIP treatment and be provided with exclusive freebies, resources, and up close and personal encounters with my crazy life, join fellow moms in my Little Red Bus email community. Click here to sign up now!